How to use Payoneer?

I am using payoneer for the first time.
Expecting payment in a week. Had a few doubts could someone please guide me here.
I have created a Payoneer Account and linked it with my hdfc account.
I have shared my registered Payoneer email id with the person/organization who will be sending me the amount.

Had following questions -

  1. Have you guys found Payoneer reliable? I tried calling their Delhi and Banglore Support
    center which they have mentioned on website. But not able to connect. Not sure if it is
  2. Once they send the amount to my payoneer account, will the amount be automatically
    credited to my hdfc account? Or do i need to do this transfer to local hdfc account myself?
  3. Is only sharing the registered Payoneer email with the sender enough?

@GulshanKumar I found an earlier article on Payoneer and Paypal but could find the above details.


I had same thought when I was new to Payoneer. :open_mouth:

That’s great!

  • If you are receiving payment from a company, it should reflect in 24 hours.

  • For personal payment, it may take 3-4 days.

Shaing e-mail may work for marketplace/affiliate network. Sorry! not sure about Individual.

In case you are asking payment from any Individual (doesn’t matter either they have payoneer or not, you can make request to anyone and they will receive invoice at e-mail with direct link to make payment)

  • Please note, you should ask them their e-mail, company name, personal name, address and make a payment request filling a form here.

  • You also need to attach an invoice also.

  • Consider using Firefox for uploading invoice, Chrome doesn’t work for Payoneer.



What will happen? They will get an e-mail and you will get a direct payment link also.

Now, Payee can make payment from their card directly. (No Payoneer account is required)

You will automatically receive payment directly at your Local bank account which is linked to your Payoneer profile. You will get e-mail as reference that Payoneer has initiated payment transfer before 8-9 hours of reaching your account.

I don’t think so!

Please see here. I just found searching a keyword ‘Payoneer’

@GulshanKumar thanks for helping me here. I am receiving payment from an organization for placing their ads(similar to adsense). They gave me Payoneer as an option and I have shared the payoneer payment email in their portal billing section. So i think that will be enough, right? I will get the amount in my local hdfc account once they transfer it to Payoneer using my payoneer payment email id.

Okay, that’s fine. Relax. :slight_smile:

Payee will make payment to Payoneer :arrow_right: You will receive in your local bank account that is currently linked to your Payoneer profile.


@GulshanKumar Thanks a lot for the help :slight_smile:

You’re welcome! :blush:

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No, you have to send an invoice for receiving money from individuals.

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