How Webmasters Perform an SEO Study?


First and foremost, I don’t know which category I have to put this question in. So modify it if necessary @GulshanKumar

Almost every person in this forum has come across many SEO related studies on blogs, like…

  • URL Analyzation (to find out whether a short or long slug performs better)
  • Blog Post Analyzation (to find out whether long form or short form content performs better)
  • Page Speed Analyzation (to find out page loading speeds of the top 10 results of Google)
  • and the list goes on…

They sometimes also even do Social Media Studies, like, what type of contents mostly get shared by the users and lots of…

I’m just curious about how some bloggers or webmasters perform these types of studies!

The questions that are popping up:

How can we perform one?
What resources does it need?
Is it expensive?
Why does no one talk about it?

The best part is that:

It’s a great tactic to get a plethora of backlinks and mentions!

I’d be grateful if you guys quench my thirst of curiosity.

Raktim :blush:


They use data they have like Ahrefs conducts all these studies based on the data all their tools are having.

Buzzsumo have also done this using the data their tool has.

You need a lot of data to do these studies. Input the data into correlation tools and plot the graph. You will get what you are looking for.

Yes. Usually these studies are done by data scientists and data is also not available for free.

Because it is expensive and not everyone can do it.

Like the data partner of this study is Buzzsumo and the math is done by Backlinko.

Though, there are some groups where all these studies are done privately but then the membership fees is very high in $$$$. And you are supposed to not share those findings publicly as that will affect every member of the group.

Hope this helps! :grin:


@Saksham Thanks, you are great dude. At last, I got my answer. So performing an analytical study is definitely a luxury. :grinning: