How would I know if my domain has been penalized before?


It’s a long time ago I started a blog on when I was in college. I used to copy and paste posts in this blog and get some views. I stopped writing on this blog after few months. There’s a high chance that it must have been penalized by Google for copying articles.

Now I use this website as my portfolio and my freelancing purpose. But I also want to add a blog in the same website. So should I start with or get a new domain?

The domain authority of is 6 only


Publish that blog with only 1-2 articles. Wait for at least 10 days. Search domain name on Google if it appears on search results then it is not penalized for search.

If you have previously used adsense on that blog then it might be adsense blocked. But there is no accurate method to check if a domain is adsense blocked.

There are few tools like, But i doubt their accuracy.


if u search geekyhumans then my domain comes in first page


Then it is not blocked for Google search.


does it mean that it has not been penalized?


Yes it is not penalized from Google search.