How you can review the website content in free time?


In our daily life there are lot of things to do and it is more tough to manage the time for blogging - if you are a working employee and managing a blog/website.
All bloggers review their content before or/and after the publishing the content - but still, you must be very careful about the mistakes on the published blogs.

How you can manage the time for it?
Whenever/wherever you are free open the laptop and start reviewing the newly published or old post - if possible make the change in the posts (if found any mistake) or if it is not possible write down on notepad or any paper and then later, you must update the post.

I am a working employee and running some of the website with a good traffic and sharing how I review the content?

Note: Admin, moderator(s) are free to remove the link - if it is not useful and against the forum policies. I just wrote it for the new bloggers.


Hi Duggu,
A nice post on Time Management. I usually follow the Morning Routine Program (MRP) which is helping me to manage my Blog Post Writing and Publication, republishing etc. MRP is followed by many giants like Zuckerberg, Buffet, Neil, and other notable influencers.
They have their own MRP which they are following regularly and even me too. Since we are all into blogging field, increasing audience base is our sole task and I have literally explored my MRP program here “Tips to Grow Your Blog Audience”.
I hope everyone should have their own rule of success and I request them to share here which will help us to develop more.

Myilraj G


Thanks for sharing this information with us. This is very helpful for those who already have full time job and also part time blogger.