How's the latest Google Update treating you?

A Hindi website who was receiving good traffic, they lost almost 70% traffic. :expressionless:

  • My traffic is improving
  • Seeing huge decline in the traffic
  • Lost traffic on certain kind of posts

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No change!


Same here for **


Massive Drop. Actually started a few days before the Algo Update.

Every time the traffic restore within two weeks, but this time around taking longer than usual.
Who knows what’s going on!!

same here

Traffic become normal within 2 days

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Lost few India traffic.

For a local business with 2-3 month old domain.

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Best Update Ever For Me. On Of My dead Blog Is Up Upto 3xPerformance

My Blog is traffic is increasing. Hope to reach a new height sooner.

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Increase in traffic that I am afraid of.

Which Hindi site lost traffic @GulshanKumar sir.

Traffic increased by 50% but within two days it is become 20% below of normal.

Still I’m seeing ups and downs in traffic

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No change for me

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normal hai …