HTTP to HTTPS - Sitemap pending and google search index problem


I followed the guide In-Depth HTTP to HTTPS Migration by Gulshan Sir, then I’ve submitted my sitemap months ago, and it remained pending. I deleted it and resubmitted again, and it’s still the same, pending for a week now.
Everything seems fine, though. May I know what’s wrong with my sitemap and how I can get it through?


Is that Sitemap belongs to HTTP version property?

If yes: please forget it.

Solution: Add sitemap path in one and only HTTPS web property. You may new to create if you don’t have.


Same happening with me, I migrated my blog to https long ago and still urls are indexing.

Till now only 45 urls indexed out of 165.

I am resubmitting it weekly.


Sir its belongs to HTTPS Web Property.




Use New Console for Webmasters. Move to the new platform and update your sitemap there.