HTTP to HTTPS - Sitemap pending and google search index problem


I followed the guide In-Depth HTTP to HTTPS Migration by Gulshan Sir, then I’ve submitted my sitemap months ago, and it remained pending. I deleted it and resubmitted again, and it’s still the same, pending for a week now.
Everything seems fine, though. May I know what’s wrong with my sitemap and how I can get it through?


Is that Sitemap belongs to HTTP version property?

If yes: please forget it.

Solution: Add sitemap path in one and only HTTPS web property. You may new to create if you don’t have.


Same happening with me, I migrated my blog to https long ago and still urls are indexing.

Till now only 45 urls indexed out of 165.

I am resubmitting it weekly.


Sir its belongs to HTTPS Web Property.




Use New Console for Webmasters. Move to the new platform and update your sitemap there.

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I have waited for 4 months still pages/posts are not getting indexed. I dont know what happened.

I have updated the new sitemap in Robots.txt file (removed www).
Resubmitted it multiple times.

is there any other way to make google index our URL’s?


What is the site URL in question?


Please check DM.


I checked… and found you are accidently blocking CSS and JS of the /wp-content/plugins/ path

Consider fixing it by removing below line from the robots.txt

Disallow: /wp-content/plugins/

Another thing… The internal link are in the incosistent format

some are www, other in non-www

You must fix it…

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Thank you Gulshan for analyzing the issue. I will correct the robots.txt file.

Regarding internal linking–> Recently I have remove the www from my blog URL because of it, some URL are still with www. I will try to correct all of them.


Try to do Search and replace to compete in one go. No need to waste time doing one by one.

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How can I do the same?


Thanks Gulshan, I have used search and replace plugin to do the same. Now, all URL’s are without www and also I have corrected the robots.txt

lets see how it goes.

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Great! You’re welcome!

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Still my URL’s are not getting indexed :frowning:
I don’t know what happened with it.


@imamit When you access your website from HTTP non-www or www version, does it redirect to the HTTPS?

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Yes, it redirected to https.


PM your URL, let me check and update you.

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What is the site URL where you are facing this problem?

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