HTTP to HTTPS - Sitemap pending and google search index problem


Since your message option is disabled I am posting my blog URL here.



Few internal links of your blog (mostly which are still in www) are returning Connection Timedout status. You should consider optimizing WordPress from server end.

If link cannot be crawled, this can be a huge problem.


I dont have any links with www prefix. I have already changed it to without www.


I understand there is no link. But it is not responding in timely manner.

Please consider updating your server. May be that improve performance.

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How to update the server in Vultr? Any idea?


Hi @imamit

:warning: Before you proceed, basic things to note

  1. Please take backup before proceeding.
  2. Make sure to do not interrupt SSH connection while updating. If you see any prompt, keep default value selected and just press enter key to proceed.

To update server packages, please use below commands.

sudo -s
apt update
apt upgrade -y
apt dist-upgrade
apt autoclean
apt autoremove


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Thank you.


You’re welcome! :+1:


@imamit Sorry, I forgot to mention one important thing

  • You must take a snapshot backup before proceeding to update. This usually takes around an hour to complete.

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Thank you, I will take the snapshot.

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I have upgraded the server as per your suggestion, will let you know about the status.
Thanks for the suggestion.

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