Hi there,

I recently enabled HTTPS on my blog via Cloudflare and everything is working fine when visiting from other device connected to another network. But when I visit the site on my computer or Mobile it is showing Not Secure and all that stuff.

I tried clearing the cookies, cache, browser history. What else should I do to get the thing working. The problem is only with my computer and network.



What is your domain in the question? Please provide so I can check.



Everything is fine. There is no issue at all. Please restart your device and wait some time.

If you still spot issue, move away to faster public DNS resolver such as Cloudflare for your device where you are facing this problem.

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Okay, Let me try.

The problem is with my device only.


Yes, because DNS update usually takes some time.

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Not when you have a dedicated server.


Try visiting in incognito or use

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DNS update takes variable time on different networks.

On my Vodafone Mobile network, it took like 30 minutes while in my local ISP and Airtel it took like 3 hours. Maybe because Vodafone has more presence globally.