I am loosing my interest in blogging. What should I do?

Hi, I have been blogging since March 2017. Now at this movement, I totally frustrated, unmotivated, and feeling tired.

The main reason behind this situation is, $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

I know, after creating great and more content, my situation will be changed.

But my body and mind do not connect well with each other. As a result, I feel lazy and do nothing expect thinking.

I am unable to find my interest, love and even I stuck around the various questions.
For example -

  1. Should I do blogging or youtube??
  2. I have three blogs> Hindi, English, and Marathi. On which blog should I add more effort?
  3. Should I fight for Adsense or affiliate?
  4. Which topic should I write?

And many questions. (It means I am unable to take right decision)

Back to the past,(when I started). > I feel more energetic and motivate and did lots of hard work.

But now it is very difficult for me to get back on track?

I came here to the online world to settle as a blogging career.

I don’t need more just wanted to earn $1000 per month. I will be happy but somehow I failed and that’s why I lost my interest.

Please help me to get out of this situation.

Don’t let the market conditions demotivate you. Follow your passion.

However, if you really are fed up of blogging, You can always switch over to starting a business or getting a full time Job.


You need to take some rest.

Sleep early to have better productive next day.

  • Before 11:00 PM (Recommeded)
  • After 3:00 AM
  • After 1:00 AM

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What is Your Goal? Ofcourse ultimately many will answer $$$$$$…
But, to earn money, either you have to work (if you go for a job) or prove your ability and create a network (if business is your choice).
Since, you have started a Blogging Profession, it’s a business. The first thing in business is to LEARN and work to create a network.
The second part is that you should set a Goal (weekly, monthly, 6months, 1year and 5years).
Also, you should write in a paper and update your everyday progress.

If you are a full-time blogger, plan your days.
Every day, follow this routine if you are comfortable…
Wake up at 4.30 am and do your mrng’s.

Exercise (or) jog for 1hr and come online at 06.00 am.
Check your emails, social network messages, comments, etc.etc.

After 06.30 am, spend 1 to 2hr to write a new article for your blogs. Then have your breakfast.

Around 09.30 am, take reports from Google Analytics, Google Webmasters, SEm rush, Site Speed check, etc. Plan your day and your work.

Split your forenoon time for Marketing, Networking, keyword research, competitive blog analysis, and reporting. Work till noon. Take some breaks and go out.
Come again by evening 04.00 pm and complete your article, prepare Images, and do On-page.
Keep ready for publication. Spend time on Quora and Quora like platforms to pull some quick traffic and also build a brand.

I hope you like it, but prepare PAPERWORK before proceeding. Review your reports and write what makes you not achieve your daily goal. Write it and avoid it the next day.

Myilraj .G
OnlineHomeIncome .in


Thank @MyilRaj bro you showed how to work like a pro and manage time.

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A Daily routine is important for everyone. Every successfully people have daily routine so i highly recommend to follow/set daily routine.

Because it will compound and effect in the long term.

Before I sleep, I write down my 5 daily goals for the next day in my journal. So my subconscious mind will work on them while I’m sleeping like getting solutions and ideas.

when you finish your one daily goal tick them and you feel good and it will boost you to complete the next goal of the day.

Daily goals are improved my productivity.

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I am sure I can help

Should I do blogging or youtube?

Blogging is a great way to start. But there are thousands of websites in every niche already. So, you need to work much harder. Earlier in 2012, finding topics and ranking them was easy as people were fond of reading. But 2020 is different. Videos are the new trends.
Solution: Use both Youtube and blogging. The combined value will be much more. You will reach your audience in a short span of time if you do things right.

Precautions: We all have seen Youtube channels that have 300 or 400 views over 2 years. Why? Lack of Planning and keywords, audio quality, less engaging. So, make videos as the video is what users consuming more.

I have three blogs> Hindi, English, and Marathi. On which blog should I add more effort?

I can’t help here. It depends on your analytics. Write more high quality and researched content in the language you are more comfortable with.
Hint: Most people can understand English.

Should I fight for Adsense or affiliate?
I would say to earn the audience first then think of these things.

Which topic should I write?

You should write about the things you can do research. I mean real research by talking to real people. Research doesn’t mean that you will search on other websites. Research in the sense of what you will gain from talking to people in real. Then write what you have gained through the conversations.

Here’s What I did!!
I talked to the customer care of the Brand XYZ then asked them that I would like to write a review of their products so can they brief me about it. The person on the call always said that yes he/she will get a sales guy who can explain it to you.

It used to take me 2-3 days to collect all the information like this. But my blog is highly ranked because the content is genuine and nowhere else to be found. I used to get backlinks for free to my websites as other website owners used to take my content to mention on their websites.

But now it is very difficult for me to get back on track?
Yes, that happens when you don’t get the return on the time you have invested. When your article doesn’t rank after working for days on it.

But hey, stay true to your work. You will definitely reach there.


Thank for encouraging me.

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While I 100% agree with this, sometimes this doesn’t work. Take blogging as a business and better to focus your efforts from where you can get maximum results rather than working only in the hope of getting an audience and then thinking of the money.


I feel if anyone starts a blog to earn $$$$$ then he is going to quit today or tomorrow. But if someone loves this will never end up with this.

This is like a love which increases day by day. When you starts to play with seo and test different experiments with Google, you really like at the moon. Next day you see the changes you made last day reflects in the SERP gives you the satisfaction.

Every time you update a post after selecting the latest keywords which has no competition gives you outstanding results. It really makes you happy.

And finally after working for a few months, a year you start to get traffic and start making $$$ you do not care how much it is.
You just love to see the traffic and number of people reading your blog with in the real time.

This is what blogging is all about.

If start to make $$$$$$$ —++ will give up soon
If start to love blogging —+++++±---- finally you make $$$$$$$

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