I am loosing my Keyword Ranking?


I was using shared hosting before and recently migrated to DO… But after migration, my ranking starts decreasing continuously…

Can Anyone help me to know which factors are behind this?


Have you checked your seo plugin again after migration.
Yoast SEO
Then second thing have you checked your google.search console. If there any error there?


Yeah, I have checked and did not found anything in Yoast SEO…

But I have got 4 errors in google search console which was about 404 error, some pages were removed from the site that’s it was showing that.


Have you checked the url of those pages


Yes , and solved them as well…


404 error does not effect SEO. It is just like trash and google itself says that it can be expected from sites. So it is not an issue, unless the number is not too big.

It is surely something other factor, which you are not noticing actually


Yes you are right that’s why i m sure that this is not the reason…


Then might be you have lost the ranking of keywords


Can you suggest what maybe causing error?


Can you share site url and share console access with me + effected keywords?


Give me time to find out affected keywords


What is ur site url



Your all ranked keywords are safe. No one has gone down in ranking!


During recent migration to DO done by you, there was multiple downtime. It could be a reason.

But no worries… it should be back in coming weeks.


Yes, it may be the reason because there are no keywords down…

Thanks @GulshanKumar

I want to know one more thing, How are you placing ads on the header of four and a vultr affiliate link.
I know ads by the plugins but I have also installed plugins but can’t see any option…


Yeah I just checked


I recently heard about some Update, it may be a coincidence that Migration and Update both happened at same time and you are blaming Migration. Check out other forums and find the pattern between affected users. Thats how I recovered from Medic update.