I am sharing my review about Google Certified Publishing Partner

I am sharing my review about Google Certified Publishing Partners CyberMedia and Readwhere Advertising Exchange (RWADX).

I have implemented the customization from both companies almost 1 and half year. Cybermedia for 6 months and Readwhere Advertising Exchange (RWADX) for rest time.

  • I do not get any revenue improvements. (Except once they added an ads unit in header improve earnings.)
  • After they integrated the AdX (Sticky Ads which changes after 30 sec) my AdSense revenue dropped drastically. When I asked about this happening they told me “Don’t worry about AdSense earning, you will earn more by Adx” but the truth is If I was earning 50 $ a day it dropped to 23-25 $ in a day and Adx earning was around 10$ which means total earning is 33-35$.
  • Before joining the Cybermedia and Readwhere my CTR was 6.5-7 % after joining the google partnership program it dropped to 3-3.4 CTR.
  • They are not supportive.
  • These type of Google Certified Publishing Partners creating unnecessary hype about earning and all.
  • Yes, it is beneficial for those who just starting blogging and did not have enough idea on how to place ads codes.

I will recommend @DUGGU for adsense ad placements


I have tried a lot of ad partners.
If you want to go with some good ones.
Mediavine, Adthrive are the best in terms of Support and revenue.

Ezoic and monumetric are also good one but i really dont like their support! They are helpful but not compared to Mediavine and adthrive.

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I tried Ezoic for a while but not worth going with them because an incredible fast site will turn slow as hell with them, and then you have to get another services to make it faster. Nothing but it feels like ransom to me.

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Lol, their site speed accelerator doesn’t work actually. It just boosts the pagespeed score but actually the ttfb is still high.

However they can make you some serious money for US audience.

But then, its more like a temporary thing until we can reach some higher tear ones like mediavine. I really love them. Site is really fast. They are not as spammy also. But getting approved can be tough!

I usually keep them for 3-4 months until i get to 50k pv. Then switch to Mediavine!

Mediavine will soon launch a new network for small publishers between 10-50k pv. Looking forward for them in 2021.

Monumetric is a good alternative but then you need to pay 100$ upfront for setup which can be tough for new publishers. Their rpm is not the best but yeah 8-10$ on average depending upon the niche.

I again tries ezoic for 3rd time and what I got nothing. In 7 k pageviews only highest $3.5 it reached. Site was like dragging.

Their speed accelerator does not work.

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Which site did you got 3.5 rpm?
Which month?

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It is fbw wishes site. Average per day i was getting only 1.5$ per day and the pageviews were more than 6k

Not rpm
Total pv- more than 6k
Earning - 1 - 2.5$ only

Want to go with Mediavine but currently I have 18k session/month.