I found digital ocean worst. Please provide me cheapest vps hosting,


Guys what about the AWS?


Yes, you should use it. I am using it from a month, no problem so far.

Even somebody from AWS called to guide me on how not to get charged and banned.


Ok then plz tell me…

  1. How much will I need to pay? I mean can you share cheapest pricing?
  2. would you plz share the link of domain are you hosted on AWS. for checking the speed?


2 INR for verification, it will be refunded in 5 days.

It is free. You get 100,000 page views/mo, and with proper setting of CloudFlare, it can easily handle it.

wait sending…


Is AWS accepting Indian debit cards now?

Because they never verified my account.


AWS is great for the performance, I am not comparing with DO. But, saying as per comparision with Google Cloud. Ref: below topic.

Your server configuration done by your side also matters for the performance.

The time I had tested it was via Cloudways which is a managed Cloud platform that offers 1-click WordPress installation services with third-party Web server companies like Digital Ocean, Vultr, AWS, Google, etc.


Debit Card which allows international payments.


Eg: Mastercard.


Ok sure

How is it possible. If we are getting 100,000/month we don’t need to pay?


Tbh, DO is not bad. Things like this happen. Sort it out and you will be fine.


Classic, Global, Visa- All failed in case of SBI for the international transactions. I was not able to make outside payment properly with such card.

It was not helpful in my case. Finally, I got a platinum card and everything started working fine.


Mastercard world/global version? I am use it everywhere and it works. It fails at night tho.


Hey gulshan I don’t know some query or terms can you plz explain.

  1. I heard about cloud ways < how they works?
  2. What is this managed cloud platform?
  3. Is there any difference in Cloud or VPS?


Edit: It was Visa Gold card. Bank staff said, it should work, but didn’t. :confused:


Price and speed is good. but only problem is support.


Which bank and how much time to took to get it?


SBI is a scam :scream:

Actually all government banks are I have an account in IDBI sometimes it fails to connect to server I can’t even cheack my balance in tez :sweat_smile:


Get DO via Cloduways is usupport is your concern.


I have an account in ICICI bank.


Cloudways is a manged Cloud platform that means you do not need to handle technical part like installing WordPress using any command in SSH, they will provide you one-click installation feature via own Control Panel that is designed by Cloudways. Their server is configured with HTTP/2, PHP 7.2, Apache with NGINX, Varnish, Redis supports to perform better.

If you want easy, go for it. As they will provide you 24/7 live chat support.


  • I have used Cloudways for six-months as far I can remember, it was a great experience.
  • 99% they were able to resolve my queries. However, new user complains little delay response at Live Chat.

Is it better than shared hosting?

  • Yes. Definately. Since, you will get dedicated resources and well configured server. Plus automated backup feature. Disclosure: Some charges will apply.

Do they provide File manager?

  • No. But you can use via WP File manager plugin, or manage via FileZilla.

Can I host 10+ sites on 1 server?

  • Yes, as many you want and resources is available. Feel free to clone, install WordPress.

Following below guide you can migrate WordPress in next few minutes.