i have good traffic but not getting good revenue

i have a blog in hindi language and i am getting 10-15k unique visitors on my blog daily but revenue of my blog on 15k is just 15$ and all of comming from google adsense , plz tell me how can i increase revenue.
thank you

May I know, what is your site URL?

Per day 15 is good amount.

Yes, as per Traffic that is fair amount.

You are getting 1$ per 1k unique visitors for a Hindi blog. I think it is good. I would suggest you to use affiliate links if possible. It may help you to earn more.

please share your url, if anything is possible I will definitely do for that - I have been worked and working with many website to improve their revenues (sorry to say that - if I work for a month I charge 2000/- discounted amount for HGK members)