I have received an e mail from adsense


Google is constantly investing in measures to protect and improve the experience for advertisers, publishers, and users of AdSense

As we have been unable to verify the quality of your traffic, your ad serving is currently being limited. Your sites or apps may experience less demand from Google while we continue to evaluate your traffic quality.

Please check out our help center on Invalid Traffic to learn about how to prevent invalid traffic and improve your traffic quality.

Best regards,

The AdSense Support Team

What should I do now??

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I have found some bad referral sources how to block them??

Add filter in Google Analytics.

There are few ways to block bad referral traffic

  • Using Cloudflare Web Firewall > Firewall rules [Easiest Method]
  • using .htaccess code. Please see this topic.

Edited wrong term, sorry it’s Firewall Rules instead Managed rules.


cloudflare requires pro version… and im using webinoly nginx so .htaccess not works for me. Is Wordfence free version can helps in it?

Let me elaborate…

  • Login to Cloudflare Account for your domain.
  • Go to Firewall menu > Firewall Rules
  • There you need to create a customised rule in order to block all traffic matching by referring domain.

Type a bad referral domain example.com and to add multiple use ‘Or’ button.

Then choose Block, save changes.

That’s all. Have any additional questions? Please feel free to ask. Thanks

It allows only 5 is there any free way? Nearly I found 100 spam referrals

Try adding Domain as much as possible as ‘Or’ in one rule.

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