I have to migrate from hostgator to Digital Ocean help me


I just created a new droplet with new ubuntu version.


Now follow this guild till step 32 (excluding 32).

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Ok thanks.


Let me know once you have done that

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Sure I am following the post.


Have a look!

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I haven’t but I am following Fasho’s referral


Sorry, Fasho for late replay.:neutral_face:
I was following instructions that you were provided me. But when it comes to step #9. Update your DNS records
I was getting confused. So, I checked another tutorial and I found a different way. I Have done some work.

  1. I created a new droplet.
  2. I downloaded the backup from previous hosting.
  3. Then I download & installed putty software. In this software, I have successfully run all the commands there.
  4. Also, I haven’t updated the name server yet.
    So, what should be my next step?

Where did you register your domain name?


Go daddy


Are you using CloudFlare? or any other CDN?

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No I am not using any CDN.


Quickly go to CloudFlare and create an account, add your domain name there.

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Why is it important? I mean can not we continue without CDN?


CloudFlare DNS is fast, better than default GoDaddy, you can disable CloudFlare CDN.


Fasho I am getting confused. Because I have no technical knowledge. For your information, I was using cloud flare free CDN. But I faced lots of problems. That’s why I left it.

Fasho we will continue this thread tomorrow. Because now I thinking what to do or what not? So it would be better to me. Continue this conversation at tomorrow’s morning with a fresh mind. Is it Ok?


Alright, talk to you tomorrow :wave:

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I will tell you a easy way to migrate tomorrow :wink:


Yes, definately you can.

Step 1. Login to GoDaddy > Manage DNS > Set default DNS
Step 2. Now, you will be able to edit DNS records directly at GoDaddy.

Add as below

Record type Hostname Value TTL
A @ Type here Server IP 600
CNAME www example.com 600

However, we strongly recommend Cloudflare because its UI is neat and clean and it’s faster as mentioned earlier by @anon9455539 I do agree.

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Thanks Gulshan bro. Let me try.