I have two question about Bluehost India?


Hey guys I have two questions about Bluehost India.

  1. How to sign up for bluehost india affiliate programe. Actually I had visited to http://affiliates.bluehost.in/affiliates/ this link. But when I clicked on sign up. They are redirecting to main website. Somebody told me Bluehost india has stopped affiliate program.

  2. Guys Have you look? Bluehost’s brand new optimized worpress hosting. I know here everybody is fan of VPS by Digital Ocean and AWS.

Actually guys they are claiming that this plan has integrated caching & CDN. I didn’t understand. What does it means. has the server inbuilt with CDN?


I also saw this yesterday . But there plan starts from 7-8$ .


Bluehost have stopped Affiliate System in India, but you can still try US Affiliate Program.


Thanks @MyilRaj but I am Hindi blogger. I mean 100% my users from India. So how can I redirect them to US server? If they also want to target indian traffic?


There is no way and you can try other affiliate programs. Check your PM.