I need help with Indian Dropshippers, can any experienced one DM me?


I’m planning to get start drop shipping business, however, struck at some point, can any experienced person help me to get start it?

Note: I didn’t make a move at PayPal Business account, Do we need to register for a company and GST IN to start the drop shipping? if yes, I need some insights from you to finish it off.

Only Indians drop shippers DM me, I glad to discuss with you.


Thank you, Looking forward for their answer.


There is not need to use a business account - you can simply create your account by providing all information, leave the GST colon, link your bank account and enjoy the transactions.
I have never faced any issue. I have a few thousand dollars transaction per month.
One thing: When the dollars rate was 69 they converted it in 66 (I don’t know how & why - may be they deducted some of the fees, I didn’t clear by doubt)


Going to call them and ask the reason


Their exchange rate is always less than the current dollar vs INR rate (usually 2 to 3 rupees less). And other than this they charge a 0.55% fees.

All of this is clearly mentioned in their website.


Thanks for the update

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Yes, they told me about the conversion charges not the reason why conversion rate is low.


Appreciate your detailed explanation, but in Shopify they clearly mentioned like you should have PayPal business account for receive n send money.

Yeah, you’re right, without paypal business also we can do transactions, but in shopify it wont accepting normal account, unless its business account…

Appreciate your insights…

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Why are you using Shopify. Use woocommerce.


Shopify has more features and community support for dropshipping than WooCommerce…


That is because Business accounts can automate affiliate commission split, refunds, chargebacks directly from Shopify dashboard.

No to both questions (atleast in beginning you don’t need to)


@anon9455539 Great, other than PayPal what other payment gateway i can integrate? can you pls let me know ?


If you are from India, you should add Instamojo and Paytm payments with your shopify account. If it is allowed there


Have to look into the Paytm integration, thank you @AbhishekVerma for your kind follow up…


I’m running a business and my primary mode of accepting payments is via paypal.

Paypal mandates that anyone running a business in India register for and provide GSTIN and that is what You should be doing. I see my fellows here suggesting otherwise but Just keep that in mind, They’re only accepting ad revenue and not direct payments from clients.

GST Law requires you to be registered and failing so will attract legal action.


But is it good for indian buyers