I need the Name of This Theme

I have been working on WordPress themes over a long time, i have customized many themes. This year I came across this theme from (Link removed ), the theme is super fast and simple, i need it on my site, so if anybody know the name of this theme should help me, or if you know where I can get it let me know. Thanks

Theme name is Vaman, may be a custom built.

PS. That link contains malicious pop up. So, I removed it. :ghost:

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its a custom theme and with terms. I don’t share to public… let me know your site URL if eligible for the theme, then I can sell you!

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Hello Julius_Bajaj pls am interested in this theme in case you have it, My site URL is realimagess

send a mail, please.

I think it can a custom theme. Custome theme is appropriate to you.