I saw some link in between my article

In some of my articles I am seeing some links which was not mine… you can see in the picture
adddddd …what is this? can anyone tell me…how can some one placed the link in my post without my knowledge

Are you using any outdated free premium Nulled theme/plugins?

no …my theme is old one

Old one means, is it updated to latest version as per official source of the theme?
If not, that could be a problem.


Restore your site to last good backup

Follow security tips

did u mean my site got hacked???

Most likely, it is possible. WordPress themes and plugins regularly get hacked.

Have a look!

now what to do?

Update it immediately & keep checking your site health.

  1. Take backup
  2. Re-install core files
  3. Scan problem with WordFence, replace affected files

That should help.

is these files can i delete

Consult a professional at Fiverr, save your time and headache. I am not able to guide consecutively.

If you want to proceed yourself, take a backup before deleting anything.

ok thanks for suggestion

You’re most welcome!