I want to purchase Laptop Battery

My laptop battery was damaged so I want to purchase a new one from online.

In Amazon, One seller (HP) providing at 3989 INR (Link:https://www.amazon.in/HP-Pavilion-15-D103TX-TouchSmart-Battery/dp/B07L4N6T2D/) and

Another seller (sellzone) providing at 2339 INR (Link: https://www.amazon.in/SellZone-HP-Pavilion-15-D103TX-TouchSmart/dp/B07F849D8X/).

So which one should I purchase?

Goto market and get one from HP authorized Stores.

So that you get original replacement only.

Original pricing is approx RS. 3700

most probably fake product


Buy a fake battery if you want to see your laptop explode.

Buy genuine. They cost as much as you gonna repair the shitty fake ones again and again.

Try original battery from laptop gallery website.

Trusted? I mean the price is 2999 INR. It is less than amazon price that’s why.

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Go for genuine battery there. They only sell company ones.

see the reviews and buy the one that has good reviews.