I Want To Resize My Images

Ive uploaded mostly full size images not optimised. And the size of an image is huge. How can i reduce the size of those images on my Wordpress website that currently has 100s of images.

I see short pixel does it . But will it replace the same URL? and the description too?

For low size image, I use this method

  1. Go to pixlr.com/e (No Need to Signup or Login)
  2. Create a fixed height X width canvas according to your need
  3. Drag the image and resize it
  4. Then navigate to File>Save
  5. Save it as JPG in Low %

You can also reduce the quality if you need to compress more.

One simple solution that is set and forget

Shortpixel Adaptive Images plugin

  • It automatically resize according to user device
  • Serve WebP modern image format over CDN
  • The Image URL will change dynamically for suitable optimization.