I will create free logos for your website :)


Hey members,

I am a hobbyist graphic designer. Would do some logos for your website.

Kindly interested ones,

mention your,

Logo Title
Logo theme
Preferred colors etc,
logo size.

Don’t expect it to be super amazing. But yea, will work out. Thanks. No spam. :smiley:


I’m starting a new blog which badly needs logo



any more info?


It’s a personal blog by me and my girlfriend.
It’ll be mostly philosophical stuff
Sometimes I’ll post random tutorial maybe

Ghost’s recommend dimensions are 600x72 for some reason
You can visit the forum and check, our theme is mostly achromatic.
Logo theme: Up to You.


Can I DM my blog info?


Hmm. @itsbhanusharma Will get back to you in coming days.
Out of curosity, I sometimes relate u wt aliens as you come up with such short names. :smiley:


That’s my hobby to register names with stripped vowels


Sure, You can!


This post made me smile :blush:
@supx bro is really a superb designer. Some 1.5 years back he made me a logo and after it, I have worked a lot.

I was working that time also but it was more of beginning. Things have changed a lot now but that logo is still my identity :slight_smile:

God bless you sir ji :slight_smile:


@supx redesign the logo for this forum too. :wink:


Still taking logo order? I want logo for my website…will check the preferred size and l will DM it to you that’s fine?


That made my day bro.
God bless you too.




I just wanna salute your kindness @supx :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you for the kind offer, I will come back later.