Idea about forums


Hello sir,
Is it a good idea to add a forum along with your niche side and link them together, As i am working on a site in a pet niche and i find a lot of engagement in there so I thought how will it be if i can get started my own forum and promote my content there, ofcourse adding value to people’s question!
What are your thoughts on the same?



I think, it’s a good decision to keep readers connected to you/blog in the longer run.

Visitor wants reliable information… if you honestly provide your forum will grow for sure. It will take time, you have to be patient.

As forum grows, it takes dedicated amount of time to manage it… You need to take care of that also… Your moderation, answering quality will impact reputation.



You should definitely add a forum/community to a pet community since the people reading your content will definitely have a lot of questions regarding pet care.