If stackoverflow is ranking for a specific keyword followed by quora does it mean it is easy to rank?

I am into programming niche and many times I see stackoverflow is ranking for a lot of keywords and I try to stayaway from those keywords. But am I doing wrong here? I have heard that forum KWs are easy to rank.

Definitely yes!

What if stackoverflow followed by mammoth websites like dev.to, hackernoon?
Sorry, I just don’t know the SEO stuff that’s why dumb questions.

I have a programming tutorial website. Mostly java related stuff. I avoid using stackoverflow for keywords. Instead sometimes use it for link building if my post can answer some relevant question. As for Quora…even you know as a developer it is not at all helpful…unless for some theory.
As with other blogging techniques…for coding blog also find some relevant topic which is not explained nicely…then explain it…your blog will do well. Do not go for hello world examples

Then avoid it :wink:

If they are topical keywords i would write them anyway without expecting them to rank.

Write good articles even if keyword doesnt rank. And then use those articles to push the keywords which are high search volume. Example u want to rank for How to learn programming then u write those non ranking keyword articles and from them link to how to learn programming.

But just because quora and stackoverflow is ranking for something does not mean u should not write.

Also - If that is the case then why not launch ur own discourse instance where people can ask questions from u? In the long run isnt that good? Costs $20-30 to setup and $10 per month to just exist. I think its a good idea in ur niche.

HGK Forum stats below. This works when u answer questions nicely so people revisit and u get natural traffic. U can even host the forum on a 2nd similar site if u dont want to mess ur own sites structure. But yeah, if programming niche, u can take competitors head by collecting a community. But its a long term thing. Just an idea. Lots of pros and cons in this.

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