I'm afraid, AdSense may disable my account

This is the fifth times I’m getting ads limit on my AdSense account since this year. I just recovered from ads limit and yesterday, they place the limit again. Don’t just know what is wrong with my blogs. Anyway, I’m suspecting my other blog.

I used auto ads, got ads limit, use manual ads still the same ads limit.

I’m just thinking of changing the blog theme and design though.

Can your share your blog in DM?

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Do you use null theme plugin?
It might be copied or plagarised contant
Apart from that topics like gambling, S€X, gun etc can also get you banned.

There is a whole list of guidelines you can go through in their official site!

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Can you share blog URL? That may be helpful in analyzing your case better.

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Also, share your Source/Medium data from Google Analytics. Direct and Social Media traffic is two major causes of ad limits.

Quiz websites avoid AdSense for the same reason because they rely too much on Social Media traffic and get their account limited.

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cc- @miracle_ofoma

Below are the screenshots of my traffic.

That’s for one blog while the other blog, Bing has removed it from indexed and my traffic mostly come from there. Check the screenshot below.

Nope except yoast SEO that is old. I have not renewed the subscription, so I only have the old version. But I have just deactivated it and activated the free version for now.

@saurav_556 @aatishrkamble @GulshanKumar Well, I think the main issue that I think is the type of content posted on the blogs.

One of your blog is fine which the second blog have some objectionable content which is related to piracy and against Adsense policies.

So, you need to fix it.

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Which of the blog please. Can you send it to me privately?

Yup. In most cases that is the main reason. I never had a issue like this on my site. So can’t comment!

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@saurav_556 Sometimes few silly mistakes resulted in big loss.

There was a page on my website with good organic audience but got demonetized, ads were disabled due to a silly mistake. Content Flagged: Inappropiate, Adult content.

There was a sentence like… “i did it” and it was written like “i did tit”

That “tit” made me loose around $30 per month until I asked the support about it. Huh.

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Yup thats something that can happen.

Ads limit can be an issue from traffic type.

If it is organic then no problem and if traffic is maximum from social media or direct then you face ads limit.

And if a large number of traffic coming from same ip. This is an issue when your traffic is low and you yourself visiting your pages and ads again and again.