I'm not able to deploy $2.5 server on Vultr


Im not able to see $2.5 vultr server while deploying it starts from $5.
Please help me out.


ipv6 server range comes at various unpredictable timings, you just need to keep checking. Whenever its available, you need to deploy asap.
Also location specific.


sad thing


Try Atlanta, United State location. This particular plan is available.



Yes Atlanta showing $2.50 plan. :+1:


Can I install wordpress on this plan?
If yes plz steps
another question it does not have ip4 does it effect?


For WordPress, please check this guide.

In that particular plan: You need to use Cloudflare with Vultr for the IPV4 support, else it may not effective for users.


I think you should just pay 1$ more and use 3.5$ plan at Atlanta location. It is better than ipv6 only plan.


@GulshanKumar how to connect domain to vultr server? guide me through cloudflare as it does not have any ipv4


Via AAAA record and IPV6.


Not Helping ! I cannot do it


Share the screenshot please. What is your DNS record? @Soham_Pratap


Consider following below steps

  1. Click on Instance > Settings > Copy IPV6 address

  2. At Cloudflare DNS, use “AAAA” type record with IPV6 address.


@GulshanKumarThank you so much I was able to setup whole website with the help of your guide.


You’re welcome!