Images does not load in iOS Mobile browser in Home page

Hi Friends,
Today I tried to visit my website on an iPhone and found that images are not getting loaded but the same images loads in Android phones. In both phones, I tested in the Chrome browser. What might be the reason?

In the past, I had the same issue with my site logo, but I did some changes, not able to remember what I did. but it got fixed.

Please help me to resolve this issue? I have lot of images on my Home page and it is happening only on the Home page. In the blog posts page, everything loads properly.

Thanks in advance.

At which iOS Version?

Are you using lazy load by chance, please share site URL for checking.

Hi Gulshan, Thanks for the response. I think i found the issue. it is with the naming of the image file. If the image file name has any (dot) or (hyphen), those images are not loading in the iPhone. Not sure why it is happening with ios devices. After renaming the file and uploading, the image comes up.

But would like to know from you why the it is happening with iOS devices only, but works fine in normal web browsers in Desktop and Android devices.

Message you the site url in private.

A hyphen or dot should not cause that problem. Here are some possible answers:

  1. You might be using WebP or any other image format that Safari doesn’t support.
  2. You might be using theme that uses direct file upload for the logo instead of the WordPress media library. I had this problem with the FlexMag theme where the Logo use to disappear.
  3. The cache is the first thing I would investigate if you are able to access the logo image file with a direct URL (
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