IMPORTANT: Elementor Free Version Blocks Editing Pages on All My Websites

I would recommend you guys should not install the latest update of Elementor Free Version. It blocks the editing of previously created pages.

I am facing the same problem over 3 websites.

What to do if you already updated?

I already updated the Elementor to the latest and found this issue, so I rollback with WP Rollback plugin and everything started working fine.

I would suggest waiting for some new updates :slight_smile:

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Anyone else, faced this issue?

No such issues at my end.

Elementor and its related plugin are new news at in last 5 months almost everything related to Elementor has security issues.

If you see elementor’s Facebook group or any other community related to elementor, you will see 90% of people encountering similar issues.

Issues with global styling, colors, unable to update pages etc. are reported by hundreds of elementor users. Hope they solve the bugs soon in coming updates because the update released in last 1-2 days seems not to do anything helpful as such.

I think this is high time for people like me ( or us ) to move more towards the traditional programming and web design with coding things instead of using page builders to make sites.

I agree. That’s why I am now more focused on learning core programming.

Completed NodeJS and MongoDB.

Now learning React

@BLOGGING_SURGEON what about you?


Right approach. Building sites with page builders looks lucrative but once time passes and we become more and more aware with limitations, we understand the imp. of coding.

I have done a CSS course ( not completed but most of part like 75% completed recently ). Advanced topics like flexbox etc. were left which I plan to do soon.

I will be soon starting with a js course with same instructor. I had too much of workload in the past two years transiting between college, freelancing and studies.

But hopefully I am soon moving to a small rented space within 3-4 months , since my college is nearly over now and I plan to dedicate more and more part to learning. You and @piyush literally are an inspiration for a person like me who plans to study more about technical topics.


I hate online courses as it just limits the possibility of exploration. I love to learn practically


If you are looking for a JS course, I’ll recommend to see this YouTube playlist. He’s one of the best teachers I have seen…