Important Security Recommendation



There has been a constant increase in internet-account credential (usernames and passwords) theft.

Those same credential are often used to access other accounts. :fearful:

You should reset password with unique pass phrase also enable Two factor authentication.


  • Go to Preference

  • Click image

  • Go the link you receive at your account email.

This is an important step for your account security.


But I’ve nothing to hide! Why I should worry? :thinking:

  • It’s not about hiding, it’s about protecting privacy of your personal information.

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Yes, nearly two days ago. I got an email regarding data breach from Quora. Quora suggests to immediate change the password for Quora account.


Quora revealed that the data of 100 million users may have been breached as its systems were compromised by a malicious third party.


My account have no password. It is linked with Google. Do, I still need to change anything else.


You should change. It is always better to be on safe side.


But there’s no password in it. It is linked with Google. I directly sign in with Google.


Log in Quora >> Setting >> Account>> " Change Password" and then click "logout of all the browser.

You can click forget password if you did not remember it. and then mail is send to your id.


Thanks for the tip :slight_smile: