In current era is creating backlinks important?


Please experts I want to know that is creating back links important now a days.
Because one blogger whose 80-90% posts are ranking at first position told me don’t go for creating backlinks.
Just let it be done naturally.
You can write guests posts and join the forums. That’s good.
Write unique and valuable content that’s it. With proper on page seo you can rank.


To kick start a new blog, you need backlinks, try with Guest posts and Forums. Once you gain the “trust” of Google, you will be ranked automatically. Remember, Rankbrain handles it all so a Bad article will get deranked even if it have backlinks.

I have cracked some YMYL serps with 0 efforts put on backlinks. Just use skyscraper tech. by Brain dean. First scan the top 10 result and then make a complete article with extra information which a user look for.


I have read that skyscraper technique


Without backlinks you cannot rank.

This thing depends on the niche or industry you are in or the Keyword Difficulty.

If the KW is between 0-5 (especially 0-1 and yes there are high-volume keywords with this difficulty), then you can get rank on the 1st page of Google very easily without any backlinks.

If the keyword is relatively difficult, you’ll need to promote your blog either inorganically (paid-promotion) or organically (unpaid promotion, such as guest blogging, forum posting etc) on popular platforms.

If your targeted readers will embrace your posts and create popularity, this will send an indirect ranking signal to Google, Bing and other popular search engines and they’ll start to rank your site accordingly.

As @Boba said, you need to establish yourself with backlinks in the initial phase and after you create awareness and build a reputation (but do remember about the intensity of competitiveness), you can almost forget about building backlinks. Because they’ll automatically start flowing in.

So in the current era…

Building backlinks are still important because Google cannot understand the contents as a human can. They rely on the metadata and link popularity to rank them on the SERPs.

Because there are still some articles which are far better than the articles which are ranking high on Google but it cannot find them out…

The AI era of Google has just started out and in the future, the backlinks might be of lower importance than it is today.

P.S. There are some queries in which some pages or sites with 0 backlinks get rank in the first page of Google among the giant brands because they are serving the searchers’ intent.


I would like to know this amazing guy :thinking:. Can you share his name or his blog name?


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