.in renewal at ₹565.46, Should I renew or not?

Hi friends, I’m getting .in renewal price ₹565.46 from GoDaddy.
Should I renew or not?
Please let me know quickly

I can get you for just ₹129

From where and how ?

All Domain Registrars will give you discount only on Very First Registration only. The renewal will be same across all domain registrars.

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Is there any other way than renewal? Currently, the cheapest transfer will cost you $5.25 at Namesilo with coupon code goforit

I mean in your opinion, is the price is good or do you think GoDaddy charging much ?

The price is nominal. You can proceed.

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By the which domain registrar you used @MyilRaj ?

I am Using Reseller Club. Having more than 200+ domains registered.

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Oh. I see they are also an ICANN Accredited Registrar. what’s their pricing pricing for .in renewal ?

Reseller is usually a bit higher than GoDaddy. But am having regular discount and after the discount, the price is Rs.569 per year.

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Thanks you all, I’m continuing with GoDaddy.

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Ohh… ok I forgot .in TLD domain doesn’t comes with privacy. So, I think any cheap registrar should work…

I have a private domain registrar come reseller for me
who charging me this

But it needs to add Rs.1000 INR deposit in account at time

What is two-years renewal rate?

That’s not need! Who is asking such investment?

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same, no changes

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The price is Rs.569 per year and manually I can apply Discount (based on availability)…