Increasing Broken Links in WordPress

Hello @GulshanKumar

My blog is off from last month’s & I haven’t worked or made any changes in fact I haven’t logged in, but there I have a weekly backup & brokenlink checker Plugin is installed, I don’t know how but broken links of images are increasing.

I have checked those links of images but not available in media library also links are showing 404 error!

How to get back those images??

Thank You.

Since you have enabled Weekly Backups, how many restoration points you have now? If you have more than 10, probably you can go back a month before to get your backups.
Else, you can ask you hosting company for assistance.

Is it some auto content writer site? :thinking:

I am using updraft & already have taken Backup but didn’t get any resolution… .

No, well the actual issue is with theme which I have purchased from envato theme is Jnews.
Theme is adding additional my social accounts username behind my each URL like so for that I have requested a refund & still conversation is going on.
For example I am writing more articles than its creating more 404 URLs in webmaster, because of this issue I didn’t work site in these 30 days.

Check for permalink option!

Well in permalink structure don’t have a options to add social accounts username behind URL.

@GulshanKumar @MyilRaj @rajdeep any solution how to solve this it’s increasing still… . yesterday it was only 12 now it’s 23.
I have last 30 days blackup & already have taken a backup but seems didn’t get any resolution!


No @GulshanKumar
I have replied you briefly check my last reply… . haven’t worked on my site in last 30 days because of theme issue, conversation is going on with envato for refund.

It’s not an auto content writer site.

Sorry, I missed that response.

You can use another theme.

First let me collect, what I have paid to envato.
Any information about updraft, I mean I have tried several backups but it didn’t helped me to get those images back in to my database?

@PrakashGohel Can you share the link of your blog in DM? Because, I faced this problem a few months ago and solved it myself.

But, I have to check the blog to know the exact issue.