Indexed homepage and sub pages

Can indexed subpages like 2,3,4 etc be bad for seo?
I have been getting a duplicate meta description, duplicate H1 title error due to that!

Yeah, You must noindex them, NOTE: Don’t add unfollow to those pages because they help google crawl webite better

Yes, do not index the following pages if your blog is on WordPress.
i.) Category Pages
ii.) Blog Sub-pages
iii.) Tags
iv.) Archives

You should set no-index, follow meta tag on all these pages. If you are using Yoast SEO, tweak your settings accordingly.

how to tweak this in yoast. Kindly let me know the steps.
From what i have learnt i have done the setting correct, didnt find any setting for blog subpages. Category tags are no-index from start
From what i know earlier their was a dedicated option for it but now i can’t find that

yoast recommends adding %%page%% in seo title. Lol editing tons of articles is going to take lot of time this way

I am not saying that you have forgotten, if things are correct then it’s ok you can move.
For settings, PM Me and I will help you.


Bro its quite confusing. I went ahead and read that before jumping in. Every one had one code or other and one way or other. Please copy paste the step i need to do so i can fix it on the go!

  1. Login to WordPress
  2. Go to Add new Plugin
  3. Search for Code Snippets
  4. Click Install
  5. Click activate
  6. Go to Code Snippets menu > Add new
  7. Name the snippet “Noindex subpage”
  8. Add below snippet
// Noindex subpages
function gk_subpage_fix() {
if(is_paged()) echo '<meta name="robots" content="noindex,follow"/>';}
add_action('wp_head', 'gk_subpage_fix');
  1. Keep, run everywhere selected. (Default)
  2. Save and activate.


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Thanks mate.
Also do you recommend not indexing contact us and privacy policy pages or should i leave them as it is

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followed above steps
will it take sometime to fix issue or just clearing cache will fix it?

It may take up to a few weeks.

sir, please check this @GulshanKumar

After i applied he above thing i saw half of my pages got out of coverage, out of 40 posts only 10-25 are listed now.
Kindly let me understand what just happened

I think, it’s normal…

will that lead to de-indexing of my posts? or whats exactly happening? can you give an insight

Recently, Google suffered from the deindexing bug, I guess this could be one reason.

By the way, it always best to perform site audit and fix any possible issue.

yeah, got it sir ji!

Do this piece of code stop bots from crawling also??