Infinity Loading in Newspaper Theme

I was trying some experiments with Newspaper theme And suddenly noticed this

2020-07-25 20-15-39

I don’t know how this appears. Anyone have any idea?

Newspaper Theme 9.5 comes with Infinity Loading feature.

  • Firstly, let’s start by taking a look through the Cloud Library.

  • Browse through the online gallery and choose the Single Post Template that fits your website the best. Through the Newspaper Theme Panel, assign the Single Post Template as your global template for your articles.

  • Under Post Settings > Default Post Template, choose the imported layout and save your settings.

  • Now, open the tagDiv Composer on your Single Post Template.

  • From the bottom of front end page builder, click the rectangular icon. This brings you to a new window that controls the Infinite Loading for Single Posts.

  • If you click the Enable button, the feature instantly activates globally on your website.


And one more thing does any one know

How to show ad here in Newspaper theme?

Try Inserting ad after comments

Using ADS for WP Plugin already by Magazine 3 team.

You can do that by using createelement in JS. It’s very easy that way