If i create infographics for an article. how can i get backlinks from others sites.
can anyone explain me?


You need to promote it via personal e-mail outreach.

Hey Madhu,

I have recently came across your xyz article.  That is really helpful.

.... write promo about your infographic how it can be helpful for his readers ...

Ref: attached infographic.

Once you add it, please let me know. 
I'll be happy to share your article on my social channels which has good engagement.. 


Expected response!

Wow! it's amazing. I have added it. Please check.


Though the method mentioned by Gulshan is correct and works really well, outreach method is getting abused by everyone now and it is getting it at its saturation level.

@uraymadhu So, try and create the best infographic with proper research points, story etc. and then share it on popular focused sites. If it is good, it will get backlinks naturally.

And don’t expect 10 or 20 or more backlinks just by creating an infographic using any template available in Canva!


If people download my infographics and upload it to their site then how can i get backlink?


They will give you a link back via image credits.


if they don’t give?


5 to around 10% will not give a link. You can then either ask them to link or just leave it as it is.