Install Filemanager in Webmin

Since VestaCP is lagging some features and so the best option for a free cpanel alternative is Webmin.

But Webmin comes with an old school HTML File manager that is not so easy to use. You can install a modern file manager in Webmin using this tutorial.

Level: Easy
Pre requisite: Webmin installed and logged in

Step 1: Go to Webmin –> Webmin Configuration –> Webmin Modules

Step 2: Click on the option “From ftp or http URL”

Step 3: Go to Github and copy the file manager URL
Click Here
And open the distrib folder. There will be two files, as shown below

Open the Filemin-x.x.x.freebsd.wbm.gz
REMEMBER! Open only freebsd file only and not the another one.

Step 4: Copy the URL for the view raw and paste it on webmin

Step 5: Click on the install Module

DONE!!! Enjoy a better file manager with Webmin.

Pratyaksh Somani

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I prefer WP File Manager plugin, it’s simple.

Yes, Even I too use this plugin, but just in case if anyone requires a file manager this is a good option. Also, a good alternate is WinSCP.