Installing Matomo Analytics on Ubuntu 18.04 x64



A quick guide for installing Matomo analytics.

  • Login to server root@ip_address
  • Navigate to your public_html directory, usually located at /var/www/html
  • Download Mamto file

Unzip it


You will get its files installed in directory name “matomo”


Next, what you need is a database that you can create using below command

Login to MySQL

sudo mysql -u root -p

Create database with name ‘matomo’

create database matomo;
grant all on matomo.* to gulshankumar@localhost identified by 'your-choice-password';
flush privileges;

Now go to the path and follow the ‘on-screen instruction to proceed installation’.

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Can u guide for hosts which dont have SSH access? Is there any ftp process?

Or is SSH access needed?


SSH way takes less time.

Manually, you have to do same thing. Should I write?


No. I will do the needful


Manually …

  1. Upload Matomo zip file at public folder and uncompress it.

  2. Create a database with a user and grant all permission along with it.

  3. Go to the Matomo directory and follow the instructions.


Thank u. Much simpler to do :slight_smile:


You’re most welcome! :blush:


can we use it on any CMS?


Integration available for almost every well known platform.


Yes, easily…


GA is better


2 weeks later, this is my review for Matomo (Formerly Piwik).

  • It doesn’t impact much on the load time. It’s light weight.

  • Dashboard loads quickly and it save time. I felt experience like JetPack stats reporting, as it has external link tracking and all.


What about its security?


Well, it is used by million of website so it can be trusted.


The piwik.js is good but piwik.php takes 380ms to load from different country. :astonished:

However it is faster than other competitors.


Looks like Cloudflare is developing good analytic features.