Interlinking articles citation and preffered "rel" between rel="nofollow" and rel="dofollow"?



I have a single post in rank and I also want to interlink the related articles in that particular article.
So, the main confusion is that should I “rel= nofollow” those links OR I “rel= dofollow” those internal links :thinking:

From site citation and SEO perspective which “rel” will be perfect.

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There is no need to nofollow internal links and you don’t need to add “rel=dofollow” for any links.

Let it be as it is.

  • Any link is by default dofollow. There is no need to add rel=“dofollow”.

  • Avoid using rel=“nofollow” for the internal links.

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The main difference between the DoFollow and NoFollow is passing link juices (Domain Authority). If you want to pass some ranking credit to other pages or websites, you should add rel=dofollow (or) otherwise you can leave it to default condition as the default is “dofollow”.

But, in some cases, if you don’t want to share your authority, you should add “rel=nofollow” to tell search engine bots that I do not want to share my authority, but you can send traffic.


I think there is no rel attribute as dofollow in html5 spec