Interlinking truly helps in faster indexing (Live proof)



Yesterday, after publishing Cloudflare review, I decided to interlink my thread with all related Keywords. As a result, I can see it has been indexed so quickly. :slight_smile:

Without Interlinking, my threads were indexing in more than 24 hours.

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Congrats brother


Please suggest a SEO friendly title.


changed the title to How to setup Free CloudFare CDN for WordPress (Tutorial)


Dear, I am not displaying ranking. I know currently it will not rank anywhere easily.

I am just saying that it has been indexed.


Please also consider this:
Title: How to setup Free CloudFare CDN for WordPress
H2: What is CloudFare CDN?
H2: Steps to setup CloudFare CDN for Wordpress




it is not because of interlinking I guess. Even you publish normal article and do fetch as google and wait for 10 to 15 minutes. it will show your article in search results.


Okay… I didn’t followed that step. It happened normally.


hmm.May be you hit publish and Google bot came just after that and normal crawl routine and found it and added to their database.

Try using fetch as google for any new articles to add article instantly to Google database.


Actually indexing happens fast if you are generating more content.
On my site indexing is done within 2 minutes of post because everyday around 10 content posts are published on qa.
If this forum was on main site /gulshan instead of subdomain you would have seen faster indexing.


My article gets index the second i hit request indexing.

I would search for the keyword and see myself on the first page saying few seconds ago.

If you index your page it will get indexed quickly no need of interlinking, but internal linking is good