Introducing Forget Spam Comment

The default commenting system of WordPress is best in my opinion concerning SEO and performance. It costs nothing. The only problem is it attracts a lot of spam. There are few plugins I have tried myself but I have found false-positive, going real comment in spam folder and it is not always the secure solution.

Introducing Forget Spam Comment plugin

  • A normal visitor generally read the article while scroll the web page as well. This plugin allow commenting if a user scroll the web page else it returns error 400 to prevent bot comments.

Behind the scene it goes in these steps.

// Action URL to POST comment
    From = ""
    To = ""
  1. First off, plugin removes the action URL from the comment form using official filter

  2. If a user scroll the web page, the tiny JS will modify the action URL on the fly containing a special query string. Something like /wp-comments-post.php?b3a2ab591b07b5663956768e9e8aa12f.

The query parameter is md5 hash of Global Server Variable. Means, Site A and Site B will always have a unique query string.

  1. The plugin check if POST request is made without any query string then it returns error 400, otherwise it allow posting commenting for the geninue visitors.

Have tested this plugin with many popular theme, caching system and web browser namely Chrome, Firefox, Safari. It should work as normally.

How to use?

  • Login to WordPress Dashboard
  • Go to Plugins > Add new > Search for ‘Forget Spam Comment’ or manually Upload
  • Activate
  • Purge Page Cache of NGINX FastCGI/WP Rocket/Varnish/Cloudflare/Sucuri (Must)

Things to do after Installation

  • Try posting comment and keep it at least one day to see how many real and spam comments you get. So, far I have not received any spam and only real comments.

Please do share with your friends.

Thanks for your overwhelming support.


Thanks man for the info you sharing, really appreciate your efforts. May I ask will this plugin impact the performance by any?

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Thank you Brother for the plugin, trying it let’s see.

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This plugin is just awesome, literally stopped all the spam bots from commenting. I have tried many other plugins but none worked as good as this one. Thank you very much.

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Good to know. Thanks for your kind feedback.

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Hi Gulshan, can I use it on a static site?

Yes, sure.

Do I need to modify edge rules?


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An optional thing you can do to reduce origin server load

  • Create a Block rule
  • IF url matches


  • IF Query match none where Target value would be hash that you can find in source code of any post page where comment is open.
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