Introducing Forget Spam Comment

* Forget Spam Comment Akismet
Avg Size at frontend 200 bytes 700 bytes
Settings None Requires API key Setup
False-Positive Chance Never Sometime it requires moderation
Price Free Freemium, Require Plan Sign up
GDPR Already compliant by design Requires Akismet privacy link

Thanks man for the info you sharing, really appreciate your efforts. May I ask will this plugin impact the performance by any?

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Thank you Brother for the plugin, trying it let’s see.

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This plugin is just awesome, literally stopped all the spam bots from commenting. I have tried many other plugins but none worked as good as this one. Thank you very much.

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Good to know. Thanks for your kind feedback.

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Hi Gulshan, can I use it on a static site?

Yes, sure.

Do I need to modify edge rules?


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An optional thing you can do to reduce origin server load

  • Create a Block rule
  • IF url matches


  • IF Query match none where Target value would be hash that you can find in source code of any post page where comment is open.
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Update: 100+ Active installation. Thank you everyone. :innocent:



Gulshan, it was working well till the latest update. Now I get 400 error for all comments.

It might be a plugin conflict. Try once by disabling all the plugins.

Hi Raju, welcome to the forum.

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@rajupp Please check inbox.

Update: Resolved.

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I am using this plugin in all my blogs

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Thanks for your feedback. Good to know β€” it works for your all sites.

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After installing this plugin i have not received any spammy message.

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Best Spam plugin out there.

Thanks to @GulshanKumar JI

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