Invalid click Protect-WordPress


Hi team members ,how can I protect my WordPress blog from any kind of invalid click activity ?and how you are also protect your blogs from invalid click & invalid activities ?

@gulshankumar ,u also reply me


That’s correct but there is any another way to prevent invalid click ?
@gulshankumar plz reply sir


Step 1. Invest time in friendship.

Step 2. If you received clicks more than expected, consider reporting to Google.


AdSense says “ultimately it is your responsibility as the publisher to ensure that the traffic on your ads is valid”. Therfore, I can suggest further that if you notice a lot of click in one day, temporarily you can take down all Ads. It shouldn’t take long, and then report the incident to Google AdSense team.


Ok sir I understand the whole.
1 doubt , is there any WordPress plugin which can help ?
anything that you know ?


There is one plugin AICP plugin. This plugin shall not be used with any caching to avoid serving Ad blocked pages.