Invalid traffic issue adsense, need urgent help

One of my site got a warning mail from adsense mentioning invalid traffic. I never checked it before and now its showing some issue in impression rpm. This site is running in blogspot with analytics. How to fix this issue? Urgent help pls

Impression rpm is consistently above 12$ which is usually 1.08$ only.
Active view viewable is above 44% and usually it is 80%.

As a new user i am unable to send screenshot. How to understand this and fix this issue?

Use Sucuri Web Application Firewall (WAF) to stop invalid traffic.

the site runs n blogspot blogger. How to fix in it?

I think you can block invalid traffic using cloudflare cdn firewall if you use the service. However, you must have custom domain on ur blog. Maybe @GulshanKumar can help you with this.