Inward Remittance for Payment Received from AdSense - What's Next?

Hello All,

For the first time, I received an SMS from a Bank of India account linked with AdSense regarding inward remittance. I have received AdSense payment several times without issues. I received the following message today:

BOI - You have received inward remittance of USD **** with Ref Num. S0612352***** on 23-08-2021. Credit will be given to your account subject to compliance with FEMA guidelines and after receipt of cover in our Nostro Account. Please contact the branch.

Should I need to contact the branch? Will payment be credited normally? I would like to know what to do.

Can somebody help?


Got the same from SBI, this is my father’s savings account which I use to receive AdSense payment since Sept 2020. This is the first time when I am receiving this email.


It is a usual process and you need to contact your branch stating the information in the email. Sometimes, they may ask you to send a confirmation email with the reason.
After you have explained, they will credit the money to your bank.

But receiving payment from the last year without any issues. And not only me or @Crissdinesh a lot of Facebook group members are posting the same.

I guess other members of this forum have also received the message or will receive in any time soon.

But I receive a call every month from my bank and they ask me to confirm over the call or via email. Then only they will credit my earnings. The main purpose is to declare the Purpose of Earnings.

Bank name?

I also received the same mail and most of my Friends also received this mail from SBI.

I visited the branch and asked the question about received SMS. They advised me to wait for a couple of days. If the payment is not credited as usual, I need to visit the bank branch again.

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There is no need to wait for days, the payment will be credited in a maximum of 30 minutes.

@MyilRaj Indian banking staffs are lazy, especially govt bank staffs.
Just one week ago I went to SBI for mobile number update. There was too much drama of agent unavailable, printer not working etc.
It took me 2 hours to complete the whole thing. But mobile number updated after 5 days.

Almost 18 hours have passed since after receiving the email but the balance is not yet credited into a/c.

Payment credited to account.

Glad to know, don’t know what will happen with SBI a/c holders?

Credited as usual. Normally, AdSense release payment on 21st and will be credited to the bank account on the 23rd afternoon. This time 1-day delayed in payment release from AdSense. Wait for your turn.

So only, I never choose Govt Banks for my business. I use to get an email on the 21st every month and after 2 days I will get an email from my banking partner. Then, I will call my banking associate and inform them to proceed with the credit process.
Maximum 30minutes, the money will be credited to my acc.

I am using SBI since 2015 to receive my Adsense payment. Till now, I didn’t face any issues. Infact, I don’t have to call/email to my bank regarding my payment. They will automatically credited the amount within 2-3 working days. Rates are also quite impressive.

One of my friend was using HDFC bank for Adsense payment, he had to visit the bank and sign a form every time when Adsense sent a payment.

Amount Credited a few hours ago.

mine too. i saw you in SIC group

I received this type of message first time in the previous month. I go to the branch and asked about this message. he told me that this is a normal message to inform me about some money in USD coming into my account. :slight_smile:

after few days payment will credited in my account.

Bank name?

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Bank of India

usally payment credited in my AC by the 24-28th without anything doing.