Is Adsense Killing Manual Ads?

So with the recent update from Adsense it is said they will no longer use manual ads instead they will use Auto Ads and as far as i know, Auto Ads earnings were terrible.

Do you think this will affect the overall earnings or not?


firstly they never told they will kill manual ads. although they have brought significant changes to auto ads. If you enable auto ads then manual ads will be replaced with auto ads, if you dont have it enabled then manual ads will continue as usual.
They may in future move towards auto ads however, right now they have both options in place
also. With recent changes to auto ads i have found it working great for my website.
You need to mix it with your own placement as you can customise the placements now for better results.
Placed 3 ads on my own on top placement positions and adding anchor and vignette ad with auto ads.
ctr up by double the rate. Rpm up by 4$ earning increased by 100%


Thanks, i have auto ads enabled however i have only checked the banner ad and the interstitial ad the rest is manual placement. I was in touch with one of the TC from adsense forum and that’s how i came to know they may discontinue manual ads and focus more on Auto Ads. I hope they dont, i like to have control over where i want to show my ads.

In their dashboard they are saying that this Auto ads have been updated. But really can’t say. Because I used it before and the cpc was just . 01 and earning was nothing with auto ads.

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I’m using mix of Auto and Manual… it’s doing well :slight_smile: very unlikely that they will do it altogether…
Google might simple PHASE OUT the manual ads… slowly…