Is AMP sticky ads safe?


Hello, I’m from Bangladesh and this site helped me in so many things.
Thanks to this site owner gulshan kumar for creating such a platform.
I need a help and googled but i didn’t find any helpful answers with sources.

I want to use AMP sticky ads in my site with Adsence but I don’t know if it’s legal according to adsence rules.
I’ve got my adsence in very hard and I don’t want to loss it.
If anyone can help me with that if its safe or not. will be great thing for me.
Will my adsence will be fully safe?
Pls help with description, I’ll be very thankful for me.

I have got so many help from site and my friends are know this site too.
I created account today to post on it.


Hi Nazir,

Thanks for joining us and you’re most welcome there…

Please avoid sticky placement of advt. This is generally not allowed as per AdSense guidelines.

Thanks & Regards,

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Thanks a lot Sir for the reply.
I will not use.

But just want to know,
AMP saying if i buy their premium version of AMP so i’ll have sticky ads option.
Also i checked their site and they said it’s legal, mean its hoax :confused:
I also seen on many sites have sticky ads and they didn’t got banned. mean anytime can ban?

Also i found this from this website.

Pls sir don’t get bored.

I just want to know if its legal so I can have more money by sticky ads. but if it’s against adsence so i’ll not use.

Thanks a lot sir.


No that’s not against rules. A lot of giants and small sites use them. There’s no problem in it.


Thanks a lot sir.
So i can use that by buying AMP pro?


Yes. But tell me your niche first


That could be similar looking Ad unit via Adx partner.

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No. They are adsense, because I personally know some of them


Bangladeshi film reviews, celebrity biography and other viral content site.


I won’t recommend to use Adsense sticky ads on these type of website.


These settings must be there for sticky ads - that must be provided an Adx partner. So it’s not good & safe to make an AdSense ad unit sticky.


auto ads shows automatically on Phones


Never… See my website there are no auto ads…
I dont know about WordPress theme but if we disable from AdSense
They won’t display


I mean auto ads shows sticky ads automatically when enabled from AdseNSE options