Is any one using rankmath SEO plugin?


If anyone using Rankmath SEO plugin or please review the plugin for me is good idea to change yoast to rankmath…

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The plugin design is user-friendly, looks better than Yoast. Still, I am learning about it. :slight_smile:

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I’m using Rank math from the beginning of my website.
Now I have learned every settings & configaration of this plugin.
Ask me if you need any kind of help also you can ask the rank math team on their official website.

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Trust me
There is nothing magical in any SEO plugin.
If you you yoast or All in seo or any other plugin nothing much is going to change.
Simple work of these plugins are to disallow indexing of few things like tags categories etc.
Helps in setting breadcrumbs and writing a specific meta description.
They dont have anything unique that will rank you…All have same functionality.
If you wanted to rank better focus on quality content with thorough blogposts…Spend more time in making a good infograph or a video rather than acheiving a green tick in yoast or any other plugin and in notime you will be a sucessful blogger.
Any plugin you use they might be simple to setup or little complicated, the task remains same.
So better choose one instead of trying multiple and focus on content.
Content is the king!

I have many blogposts which according to yoast gives a deep red mark in Seo score but my article have won snippet and position 1 and brings lots of traffic.
Just use any one for meta description and No-indexing if you are a non technical guy like me.
If i go ahead and learn about those something so that via Robot. text i can do above task i would surely even remove the yoast i am using.