Is anyone using Flying Press?

Hello Guys,

Is anyone using Flying Press on their Wordpress website?

Can I know how it will be helpful to increase the performance of a website?


It’s magic. I have it on all my site. I bough it when it was in beta. And I have to say. Its just awesome!
Make sure you use their CDN. its just 3$/month but that really help with speed and ttfb.

being a ton technical guy its just magic for me. but actually in backend it does a lot. It caches whole page, optimizes images, critical css generation and a lot more.

Can I know for how much you’ve bought that?

Will it have any impact on display ads earnings?

What kind of page speed score your website is able to achieve with Flying press?

My pagescores are in 85+ mobile and 95+ in desktop with mediavine ads. I am not sure about adsense because mediavine ads are lazyloaded by default.

No impact on earning.

I bough it really cheap. That time i paid just 70$ for 3 sites with some discount i remeber. Now its 150 for 5 sites with 30% off on renewal. So approx the same per site.

I’ll think about buying it but little bit worried like it may mess up.

You can always take a refund within 30 days.
If you are using a good theme and no other optimization plugin then this is the best bet.
I left wp rocket for this one.

Fine, I’ll give a try.

Since all sites are different, I can say give a try and see how it goes. :slightly_smiling_face:


Little hesitant to test because my website is in a growing stage