Is anyone using here (Help Required)


Recently, I was approached by team to use their video ads. I thought to give a try. I’m getting on average 3k pageviews a day, 70% of my traffic are from tier 1 countries.

I’m using from Feb1st’ 2020. So, far I’m not impressed with them. They told me to give time until this month, so that they can optimize my website and bring more demands for my website.

Below are my website stats with them

Impressions - 5721 (From Feb 1st to 12th)
CPM - 3.5 (From Feb 1st to 12th)
Revenue - 20$ (From Feb 1st to 12th)

As you can see, the impressions are quite low and the earnings.

Whoever, is familiar with can answer me.

Can I know how much time it took for you to see good impressions and earnings with them?

Thanks in advance

I may improve it - contact me WhatsApp +91-7838150833
with your name, website URL
it’s free

@DUGGU thanks for your reply.

I’m in touch with my account manager. They told the impressions will increase once I get more demand.

okay then go with them
Feb was low for all advertisers

@DUGGU Can I know how long you are with them?

I’m with them for the past one month. How long do you think it will take for me to see a good impressions with I’m using just in-content video ad not out stream.

I work more than 50 websites and this video ad network is good
I also have better & best categories

That’s immense.

@Prabhu I would recommend you to go with @DUGGU
He is a very experienced person in this context. He will definitely help you.

With 3k pageview a day and tier 1 traffic I am amazed why dont you give mediavine a try.

Here is an average rpm i get usually on my new site.
Its just been a month with them on this site.
I can bet it will go beyond 20 on average in 3 months and even upto 40’s in nov-dec.
Depending upom your site, with that level of traffic 100$ a day should be no problem at all.
You can also give adthrive a try if you go beyong 100000 pageview a day. They are the best for tier 1 country as far as i have tried

I’ve applied couple of times they had rejected it. Niche matters here.

If you dont mind could you let us know what your niche is?
I dont think its about niche everytime. There can be a lot more to it.
On the other note you can give ezoic a try, i earned decent amount working with them as well. The only problem is ttfb goes up when we get their ads on. I havent seen any negative impact on my ranking like some people say. So, you might gove them a try. They can also give you an epmv of 10-12$ depending upon your niche and audience

Mine is gaming.

Worked with Ezoic as well and was getting $2 CPM with them.

Mediavine primarily focuses on Lifestyle, health & food niches.

May I know, what’s your niche?

I had a site on pet niche, gardening and other hobbies approved by them in the past. The current one is pets site…other 2 have grown past mediavine to bigger networks.
Gaming is a niche that can be tough to monetize.

Yeah these niches as well they accept but not gaming

Yup i can understand.
I think you should start another well thought niche that you can monetize. Since you already know how to get traffic you can easily make 10 times more with a new site rather than pumping more efforts into this one.

Thanks for your suggestion. Yes, I’m in the process of starting another 4-5 websites.

Gaming is such a saturated niche hard to beat the old guys.

I’ve spent near to 1 year on this website but my main aim is to make it more authority in another 2-3 years.

How will you monetize even if you make it an authority?

Mostly with Display & Video ads only & Affiliate

And few premium brand ads.

How much do you think a website can make if its in other niches like pets or gardening with the traffic 100k pageviews a month?

With ads and affiliate 4000$ a month. Or even more in gardening.
7000-10k$ a month with info products or an online tool.

Good to hear