Is anyone using here (Help Required)


Recently, I was approached by team to use their video ads. I thought to give a try. I’m getting on average 3k pageviews a day, 70% of my traffic are from tier 1 countries.

I’m using from Feb1st’ 2020. So, far I’m not impressed with them. They told me to give time until this month, so that they can optimize my website and bring more demands for my website.

Below are my website stats with them

Impressions - 5721 (From Feb 1st to 12th)
CPM - 3.5 (From Feb 1st to 12th)
Revenue - 20$ (From Feb 1st to 12th)

As you can see, the impressions are quite low and the earnings.

Whoever, is familiar with can answer me.

Can I know how much time it took for you to see good impressions and earnings with them?

Thanks in advance

I may improve it - contact me WhatsApp +91-7838150833
with your name, website URL
it’s free