Is buying review on play store effected search rank?

Can i buy reviews on play store for an app.
i have a doubt on search ranking, ranking will improve or not?

I think Five stars review can give positive signals, active installation, number of download these factors will matter.

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5 star reviews will improve rankings. But don’t buy. There may be problems in the future.

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And Google Removes fake reviews when they will notice something unusual.
Example: Sometimes ago CarryMinati’s video was deleted on YouTube for some reasons related to an app then his fans gave a very low rating. After few days most of the reviews were deleted by Google Play Team.

Better to go with organic process.


my dear friend the way you think that may help you gets ranker better in SEO.
but the main issue of buying reviews is it may hurt you in the future . having 5 stars reviews and positive comments may help the customers to download your AAP/anything that maybe but . after a few days it may hurt the customers.

so what I suggest is maintaining and making your customers happy randomly motivates themselves to write good reviews and referral program

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