Is cloudflare pro worth it?


I can’t seem to find a honest answer on this. Is it worth the upgrade from free to pro?


Here’s my review of Cloudflare Pro plan.


Does it improve Website speed?




Thanks. You should do a Dailydoes for cloudflare pro.


The setup procedure is the same.

There are two things notably extra.

  • You can enable WebP from Speed tab. This will reduce the image size by up to 50-60%

  • You can enable Web Firewall for WordPress from Firewall tab. Pro user shouldn’t miss this.

Rest everything is same.


  • Total page size will be reduced
  • Full page load time will be reduced by few ms.


Thank you


You’re welcome! :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey @GulshanKumar can we improve website DOMContentLoaded Time Using Cloudflare Pro Plan?
Also does you get any speed improvement after sifting free to pro?

Please Let me know.